MonDak Energy Alliance
Building a Bridge to the Energy Future
Oil Biofuel Coal Wind
The combination of the prolific Bakken shale, horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracturing techniques have made the Bakken "the largest oil play in the lower 48!" There are at least 30,000-50,000 more wells needed to be drilled to produce the known Bakken resource. The MonDak region is rich in irrigated and dry land crops and is a proven source of biofuel crops from oilseeds such as sunflower, safflower and traditional corn production. Home to one of the most advanced biofuel research centers developing new crop varieties for optimal biofuel production. Montana ranks 5th and North Dakota 10th in US coal production. 30% of the recoverable reserves of coal in the United States are in Montana and North Dakota. North Dakota’s lignite reserves, estimated as an 800-year supply, are the largest in the world. The MonDak region is part of Boone Picken's "North American Wind Corridor" and is referred to as the Saudi Arabia of wind. Picken's corridor extends from Texas to North Dakota.
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